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What We Do 

Energy and Utility Consulting & Advisory

Our core competency is business readiness – ensuring that our client's people, processes, and systems are well-prepared to adopt the change we help to implement. We do so by managing projects, designing and improving business processes, training users, solution testing, and implementing powerful change management initiatives.

Our team of consultants and highly experienced subject matter experts use their knowledge, skills, and experience to develop the highest-quality and cost-effective approaches. 

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How Can We Help Your Organization Get Business Ready?

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An Assessment is a useful means to determine whether a system or process is meeting the needs of the organization or has reached the end of its useful life. After gathering background and current state, options are identified and assessed against industry trends and benchmarks. Options could include replacement/transformation, upgrade/improvement of the existing, outsourcing, or staying with the existing system/process. The final stage involves recommending an option, along with a roadmap and high-level business case for going forward with the chosen option.




Kaihen’s Business Transformation services identify key areas of potential and actual vulnerability and risk and ensure support is available as required for your project. Every project that drives significant change within the organization will undergo various challenges during its lifecycle. As such, the purpose of the Business Transformation program is to work with the stakeholders to effectively manage the program by expediting acceptance and moving the organization to productivity levels higher than prior to the implementation of the program.

Kaihen’s implementation services help you succeed in today’s challenging environment. We help you minimize operational costs, improve customer service, mitigate regulatory and financial risk, ensure successful technology implementations, and optimize employee effectiveness.


Installing Solar Panels

Our Practice Areas

Customer Experience

A Utility’s Customer Experience is critical to becoming the customers’ trusted energy provider, selling additional products and services, or meeting customer and regulatory expectations.

Asset Management

Our team of subject matter experts can help your organization align your asset management people, processes, and systems to deliver on business objectives and meet regulatory requirements. 

Outage Management

Today’s customers expect more from their utilities. They’re demanding that their utilities inform them of service outages in a timely and efficient manner.

Companies Who Trust Us With Their Business Processes

Kaihen has a strong track record of experience in the energy and utility industry and a deep understanding of the challenges of today’s utilities.

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