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About Us 

Founded in 2008, Kaihen is a privately held energy and utility consultant company based in Canada. Kaihen is an innovative company that has identified a need in the industry for proven leadership across the energy and utility sector while being nimble and able to respond to our client's diverse requirements.

Our Expertise

Kaihen has been helping electric, water & gas utilities, home services companies, energy retailers, and municipalities prepare for the fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service for many years. We have built a wealth of experience, helping organizations like yours, to fulfill their potential and improve the lives of their customers. 

Office Meeting
Meeting at the office

Our Commitment to Results

Our core competency is business readiness – ensuring that our clients’ people, processes, and systems are well-prepared to adopt the change we help to implement. We do so by managing projects, designing and improving business processes, training users, solution testing, and implementing powerful change management initiatives.

Our Philosophy

Our name – Kaihen – means change, innovation, and transformation. It embodies everything we do for our clients.

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Business Presentation

Our Experience

As a proudly Canadian energy and utility consulting firm, our service offerings revolve around three essential business functions of our client's businesses: Customer Experience, Asset Management, Outage Management.  

Meet the Kaihen Executive  Team

Helping your organization get business ready is our priority. Meet the team who will be working alongside you to make this happen. 

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