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Assessment and Advisory

An Assessment is a valuable means to determine whether a system or process is meeting the organization's needs or has reached the end of its useful life. After gathering background and current state, options that will meet your strategic objectives are identified and assessed against industry trends and benchmarks. Options could include replacement/transformation, upgrading/improving the existing, outsourcing, or staying with the current system/process. The final stage involves recommending an option, along with a roadmap and high-level business case that will support your mission.   


After the assessment, Kaihen could continue as an advisor to provide guidance based on leverage lessons learned, provide an objective view of risk assessment and management, provide advice regarding governance and project management and provide an independent view with observations and recommendations to support business realization.

Evaluation and Selection

Kaihen prides itself on being an independent, unbiased advisor to our clients. Our Evaluation and Selection Methodology provides the basis for the complete procurement cycle including RFP development, vendor evaluation, and finally selection of the system and/or vendor. Our approach is based on our understanding of utility business processes, deep experience with utility-specific systems (such as Customer Information Systems, Asset Management, Outage Management, and more), our extensive knowledge of the systems & services vendors in the marketplace, and our vender-agonistic approach.

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