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Outage Management

Today’s customers expect more from their utilities. They’re demanding that their utilities inform them of service outages in a timely and efficient manner. If they don’t, they’ll be faced with frustrated, dissatisfied customers resulting in a poor customer experience.

Software Programmer

At the hub of Outage Management is the Outage Management System (OMS). The OMS integrates with many key systems in a utility and impacts multiple departments.

Kaihen helps utilities ensure a successful OMS deployment by leveraging our learnings from our Outage Communication Benchmark, Outage Whitepapers, and extensive OMS experience to provide:

  • Deep understanding of regulatory and market rules,

  • Strong OMS experience, for both large and intermediate utilities,

  • In-depth knowledge of utility operations and systems,

  • An unswerving focus on professionalism, discipline, and high-quality deliverables,

  • Extensive Business Readiness services for OMS projects,

  • Knowledge of and relationships with most OMS vendors and products in the marketplace— but a commitment to providing independent advice,

  • Demonstrated Outage Communications leadership and knowledge which will ensure that a practical solution is implemented to meet client needs.

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