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Customer Experience

Customers Rule

When a company delivers good customer service—responsive, helpful, and personal—they create the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship that will pay dividends long into the future.

A Utility’s Customer Operations are critical to becoming the customers’ trusted energy provider, selling additional products and services, or meeting customer and regulatory expectations. Relying on outdated Customer Information Systems (CIS) to manage the customer experience is high risk. Knowing your customer, understanding their needs and preferences, and communicating with them in the channel of their choice results in both lower operating costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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The CIS underpins every utility’s relationship with its clients.  Implemented correctly, the right system delivers an accurate view of essential customer data—including metering and billing, credit, payment, and collections. It delivers the kind of accurate transactional information that utilities can use to make informed operational and customer service improvements.


Our efforts are on the core underlying technology, the CIS, and supporting technologies including Cloud Platforms, Customer Portals, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Meter Data Management (MDM), Data Analytics, and ever-evolving emerging technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Social Media, etc.).

Unlock Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Facing challenges like aging infrastructure and technological obsolescence in your existing AMI system? Kaihen's AMI 2.0 service is the solution for a seamless transition into the future. Embrace next-gen technology with detailed operational data, robust communications infrastructure, and advanced analytics for unparalleled grid management.

Kaihen's advisory services guide you through business case development, procurement partner engagement, and long-term deployment planning. Our transformation services, including project management and solution testing, ensure a smooth upgrade to AMI 2.0. Partner with Kaihen for a journey to excellence in Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

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Our Business Readiness Approach

Kaihen provides unbiased counsel on the right systems to address our client's needs. We help assess, select, implement, and optimize both Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer-related systems that deliver an accurate view of essential customer information. Armed with this information, our clients can effectively deliver on customer service promises and make informed business decisions.


Kaihen’s focus on business readiness ensures that our clients’ people and organizations work efficiently and effectively and get the most out of their systems. Our Change Management service ensures the proper stakeholders are involved and are prepared for the change. We create or re-engineer Business Processes to ensure delivery is efficient, effective, and repeatable. We provide custom Training solutions to prepare our clients for system use and maximize user adoption of the new system and processes. And we provide Implementation services and operational readiness assessments in partnership with system integrators to validate that there will be no surprises on Day 1. After the system has gone live and is stable, we will then help optimize the system and business processes to ensure our clients are realizing all the benefits of their new CIS.


We also use our extensive subject matter expertise to provide independent, objective assessments of key business functions including Bad Debt Diagnostic, Meter to Cash assessments, Customer Information Systems Assessments, Cloud Feasibility, and Customer Experience strategies.

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