Utility Data & Analytics

Data – from meter to the future

As utility systems evolve, a greater volume of more detailed data is made available, and the data has never been available faster.

Kaihen can help ensure that data is captured, validated, cleansed, and stored, so that it can be used to confidently and accurately bill customers. We also provide powerful data analytics to help our customers determine trends and plan for the future.

Meter Data Management

One of the key data sources in a utility is the customer meter. This data may include consumption data, demand data, and time of use (TOU) data, all of which may be used for customer billing, but may also be used in aggregate for analysis purposes, and to create what-if scenarios. After consumption data has been collected from the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) or Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems, the data is validated, estimated, edited and stored by the Meter Data Management (MDM) System which will make it available for billing and utility data analysis/analytics.

Our MDM system implementation services include the following:

Data Analytics

We also help our clients plan and prepare for current or future changes through the assessment and analysis of customer and consumption data stored in the MDM system and / or the utility’s operational data store. Current changes could include infrastructure capacity or rate changes. Future changes and trends could include energy storage, electric vehicles, microgrids, renewable and distributed Energy, and load such as cryptocurrency mining or cannabis farming. We use existing utility data at the unit level, then aggregate to the macro level while retaining key characteristics of the detailed data. Our systems and processes then enable the utility to use what-if scenario planning to determine the impact of these changes on their operations and:

To learn more about our approach, download our Smart Grid brochure (PDF).

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