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Utility Data & Analytics

As utility systems evolve, a greater volume of more detailed data is made available, and the data has never been available faster.

Kaihen can help ensure that data is captured, validated, cleansed, and stored, so that it can be used to confidently and accurately bill customers. We also provide powerful data analytics to help our customers determine trends and plan for the future.

Meter Data Management

Our Master Data Management system implementation services include:

  • Business Process Development: We build processes to support each new MDM interface, and make necessary improvements to existing processes and required supporting processes that are impacted by the change.

  • Testing: Our consultants develop test strategies, test preparation, and test execution for systems, system integration, business processes, volume, and user acceptance testing.

  • End User Training: We develop a comprehensive training strategy, training materials, job aids, call center and billing scripts, and training rollout for impacted users. These use standard materials as a base but are tailored to our customer’s unique situations and needs

  • MDM Cutover and TOU Transition and Rollout: Rolling out a Meter Data Management system and/or Time of Use billing requires not only technical skills, but foresight to identify and assess the impact on the customer and organization, and mitigate any potential negative impacts. Kaihen will look at the human impact of these changes, and develop a cutover strategy, TOU transition strategy, and the required management and communications to ensure a successful implementation for customers and key internal functions including Billing and Call Centre.

  • Project Management: We deliver integrated project management including project planning, executive reporting, and risk and issue management.

Data Analytics

We also help our clients plan and prepare for current or future changes through the assessment and analysis of customer and consumption data stored in the MDM system and/or the utility’s operational data store. 


We use existing utility data at the unit level, then aggregate it to the macro level while retaining key characteristics of the detailed data. Our systems and processes then enable the utility to use what-if scenario planning to determine the impact of these changes on their operations and:

  • Develop cost optimization plans (e.g. business transformation, shared services, consolidation),

  • Identify alternative investments (e.g. grid investments, expansion into other businesses)

  • Forecast changes to infrastructure and performs Asset Management planning.

  • Do what-if scenarios related to rates and tariffs, and determine the impacts on revenue and consumption.

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