Utility Data

Validate, Cleanse, Bill, Insight & Act

Once the usage /consumption data has been collected from the head-end servers managing the data collection in the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, the data is validated, estimated, edited and stored by the Meter Data Management (MDM) System which will make it available for billing and utility data analysis/analytics.

Our MDM system implementation services which also entails TOU billing rollout are as follows:

We also help our clients plan and prepare for current/upcoming changes (storage, electric vehicles, microgrids, renewable and distributed Energy, etc.) in the sector through the assessment and analysis of the consumption data which is stored in the MDM system or in some case, the utility’s operational data store. The results from the analysis of the data enable us to assist our clients with strategic planning. In other words, we help with and advise our clients on the following:

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