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Kaihen Releases Second CIS Series Whitepaper on CIS Cloud Decision

Toronto (March 24, 2021) – Kaihen is excited to release its second whitepaper in the CIS Series by providing additional insights on the CIS (Customer Information System) marketplace via published whitepapers, webcasts, social media, and conference participation.

Our second whitepaper focuses on the CIS Cloud Decision factors that utilities should assess when deciding if they stay On-Premise or go with a CIS application vendor’s Cloud offering.

The purpose of the CIS Series is to provide insights to Utilities that are considering going down the CIS upgrade or replacement path, have already begun the journey or have completed their projects and are now looking back at it.  Our goal is to provide a forum for discussion and debate regarding key aspects to consider when planning for or delivering a CIS project.  Kaihen has worked on many of these projects in Canada and elsewhere. In this series, we’ll share some of our learnings and points-of-view and our Canadian client’s views of lessons learned and success stories.

We will be publishing a steady flow of information on topics including:

“In every CIS project we have been involved in over the past couple of years the Cloud decision needed to be addressed. As the technology evolves and utilities begin to feel more comfortable looking at a Cloud environment, there are many factors that go into that platform decision. We wanted to share our insights to give utilities the best chance of success on deciding what is the best option for them.”— Jonathan Minsky, President, Kaihen

About Kaihen

Kaihen Inc. (Kaihen) is a Canadian consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario that helps electric, water & gas utilities, home services companies, energy retailers and municipalities prepare for the kinds of fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service.  Kaihen applies its unique business readiness approach to five business categories that align to the functions of our clients’ businesses. They are: Customer Operations, Smart Metering, Outage Management, Utility Data & Analytics, and Asset & Work Management. For more information, visit

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