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Kaihen Realigns Business Readiness Services

Kaihen is excited to announce the realignment of its Business Readiness Services wheel that it delivers to electric, water & gas utilities, home services companies, energy retailers and municipalities. Kaihen’s new service offerings now revolve around five key business functions for its clients’ businesses: Customer Operations, Smart Metering, Outage Management, Utility Data & Analytics, and Asset & Work Management.
“This realignment reflects our focus on emerging trends and the primary needs of our customers. Although these are our focus areas, we still provide traditional core services to help organizations prepare for the fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service.” says Managing Director, Dacia Rohlehr.

Kaihen’s consulting services ensure its clients’ people, processes and systems are well-prepared to adopt the change they help to implement. They do so by managing projects, designing and improving business processes, training users, solution testing, and implementing powerful change management initiatives.

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