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Kaihen is Ontario’s Leader in MDM/R & TOU Readiness Services

Kaihen has successfully led the Meter Data Management / Repository (MDM/R) integration and Time-of-Use (TOU) billing implementation of two of the members of the Coalition of Large Distributors (CLD), PowerStream and Veridian Connections. In addition, Kaihen (Sky) was recently engaged by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to guide the remaining 80+ Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) through the registration and enrollment process, design and deliver LDC preparatory workshops and conduct MDM/R testing. Enersource Hydro Mississauga, another member of the CLD which provides electricity to over 188,000 customers in the province, has also selected Sky to project manage their MDM/R and TOU readiness activities, starting in January.

“The Provincial Government initiative, to implement time-of-use rates as a key element in Ontario’s transformation to a conservation culture, swiftly evolved into a $60M multi-year project for PowerStream representing significant financial and technical risk. Kaihen’s superior project management skills and demonstrated subject matter expertise have proven to be critical success factors in enabling PowerStream’s market-leading implementation.” Ed Chatten, Senior Vice President, PowerStream

“The advice, guidance and hands-on delivery that the Kaihen team provided for our Smart Meter Initiative enabled Veridian’s MDM/R & TOU readiness activities to be completed successfully, on time & within budget.” Kevin Myers, Manager of Wholesale Settlements, Veridian Connections

The smart meter initiative is the Government of Ontario’s initiative to enable conservation and demand management through the deployment of smart meters. The IESO is the designated Smart Metering Entity to oversee the smart metering initiative and is responsible for the implementation of the MDM/R, development of the MDM/R technical specifications and ensuring LDCs enrolment and integration with the MDM/R. The Provincial government’s mandate is for smart meters to be installed in residences and small businesses by 2010. LDCs must be integrated with the MDM/R by the second quarter of 2011 and eighty percent of all residences and small businesses in Ontario must be on TOU bills by spring 2011.

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