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Kaihen Hosts First CIS Series Webinar on Procurement Options

Toronto (October 9, 2020) – Kaihen hosted its first ever CIS Series Webinar for utilities that are considering going down the CIS replacement path, have already begun the journey or have completed their projects and are now looking back at it.  This inaugural webinar addressed specific CIS Procurement Options and the key takeaways that were discussed in detail in our CIS Procurement Options Whitepaper.  The event was attended by gas, electric, water and submetering utilities from across Canada and featured presentations from Linas Medelis, Acting Vice President from Alectra Utilities and Kevin Neild, Vice President Customer Operations from Enercare. Please see our new CIS (Customer Information System) Series webpage for a recording of the webinar.

We will continue to publish a steady flow of information on CIS topics in the future including:

Kaihen Inc. (Kaihen) is a Canadian consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario that helps electric, water & gas utilities, home services companies, energy retailers and municipalities prepare for the kinds of fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service.  Kaihen applies its unique business readiness approach to five business categories that align to the functions of our clients’ businesses. They are: Customer Operations, Smart Metering, Outage Management, Utility Data & Analytics, and Asset & Work Management.

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