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Kaihen Demonstrates Leadership in Gender Diversity

Kaihen signs Gender Diversity AccordKaihen, a leading provider of business readiness consulting services, is proud to announce its participation in the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity in the Canadian Electricity Industry (“the Accord”). In signing the Accord, Kaihen joins a growing list of industry leaders committed to ensuring fair hiring practices, training, and mentorship opportunities for women seeking to pursue careers in the electrical industry.

The Accord, which was developed by Electricity Human Resources Canada and the Connected Women steering committee, is a public commitment by employers, educators, unions, and governments to promote the values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations. Signatories agree to support the development of women in the industry through fair hiring practices, comprehensive training, and mentorship opportunities that help all individuals reach their full potential.

“Kaihen values the expertise and insights that come from having a diverse workforce in the electricity sector. We strongly encourage diversity in our Board of Advisors, our management team, through to our consultants. “ stated Dacia Rohlehr, Managing Director of Kaihen.. “We signed The Accord because it provides a clear path for achieving equality, respect, and inclusion at all levels and for all participants, and offers greater potential for women to thrive within the electrical industry,” commented Jonathan Minsky, Managing Director of Kaihen.

About Kaihen

Kaihen is a leading business consulting firm focused on the North American electric, gas and water utilities industries. Formed in 2008, Kaihen works with companies around five key business functions of our clients’ businesses:  Customer Operations, Smart Metering, Outage Management, Utility Data & Analytics, and Asset & Work Management to help our clients prepare for the kinds of fundamental business changes that improve operations and customer service. For more information, visit


Pat Leahey, Director of Business Development, Tel: +1-416-710-4551


About the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity

The Accord was developed by EHRC and the Connected Women steering committee, a group of industry stakeholders who collaboratively developed a national mentorship program for women in the sector (Connected Women Mentorship Program) which was launched May 31, 2017.

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About Electricity Human Resources Canada

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is Canada’s most trusted source of objective human resources information and tools to help the Canadian electricity industry match workforce supply and demand. EHRC helps to build a better workforce by strengthening the ability of the Canadian electricity industry to meet current and future needs for a highly skilled, safety-focused, diverse and productive workforce. For more information, visit

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