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Hydro One Completes first Canadian Outage Scorecard

Hydro One logoKaihen is proud to announce that together with Hydro One they co-developed the first Outage Scorecard in Canada. The Scorecard measures performance on preparation readiness and operational response and recovery for a utility and helps establish a baseline and to ensure ongoing assessment of a utility’s performance for Blue Sky and Storm events. Kaihen’s Scorecard is based on systems, call centre, organizational, training and testing, communications, ETR, and field crew.

“Kaihen in partnership with Hydro One created an Outage Benchmark tool. This tool allowed Hydro One to compare its level of preparedness and response to outage events as measured against other top preforming utilities in North America. Using this scorecard Hydro One was able to identify  opportunities for improvement related to outage communications and  confirm it is on the path to becoming the leading Utility in Canada.”

John Hamilton, Manager DOMC, BAE, Hydro One Networks Inc.

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