Outage Communications and Outage Services

Kaihen has launched a LinkedIn Group to share best practices on outage communications for planning, preparing, responding and recovering for an outage event. We will be regularly contributing based on our outage expertise and encourage everyone to share their knowledge, information, best practices and any other material that would help the utility sector learn more about the outage best practices.

To join the group please click here https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8482475.


Outage Communications, Benchmark Study and White Paper

Are you meeting your customers’ expectations when it comes to communicating outages?

Today’s customers expect more. They’re demanding that electric utilities inform them of service outages in a timely and efficient manner. If you don’t, you’ll be faced with frustrated, dissatisfied customers.

What are some of North America’s leading utilities doing to meet or exceed customer demands in outage communications? That’s the question we’re asking in Kaihen’s Outage Communication Benchmark—to uncover the industry’s best practices in delivering world class customer communications.

Download our white paper on Outage Communications, Version 1.0
NEW: Download our white paper on Outage Communications, Version 2.0

How to participate

This is your opportunity to participate in the study and find out how your communications strategies compare with your peers, while identifying opportunities for improvement, and learning best practices that have been successfully implemented in other markets.

Data for the Outage Communications benchmarking study is collected through an online questionnaire and follow-up interviews to discuss and gain clarity on responses. On average, the study takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

In administering the study, Kaihen adheres to the benchmarking code of conduct, which contributes to efficient, effective, and ethical benchmarking.

If you are interested in participating, please email us.

Outage Management

The Outage Management System (OMS) is the core system during a power outage. The OMS integrates with many key systems in a utility and impacts multiple departments as shown in the diagram below.

Outage Communications System Integration Diagram

Many utilities have some form of an OMS (i.e. manual paper based system, homegrown system, vendor system). In some cases, these systems are not fully integrated with the other major outage communications systems of the utility. These non-integrated systems result in more complex manual business processes, inefficient work orders, and longer restoration times. Over the next few years utilities will be upgrading or replacing their existing OMS.

Kaihen has a unique approach to Getting Outage Management Systems ready to more effectively handle outages. If you are planning to replace or optimize your OMS, find out more about Kaihen’s approach, download our  Outage Management System Brochure (PDF).